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1301 NW Grand Avenue
Phoenix, AZ, 85007
United States


Chartreuse is a contemporary art space on Historic Grand Avenue in Phoenix, AZ

We are open First and Third Fridays (6:00pm - 10:00pm)and the Saturdays after (noon - 5:00pm).

We are available anytime for private showings.



Dan Pederson

innies and outies

Our featured artist in August is Dan Pederson, who is creating fascinating mixed media collages with repurposed materials resulting in unique 3-Dimensional abstract masterpieces.

The artist is producing dynamic surfaces that are reminiscent of urban walls plastered with color, bold lines, graffiti, pasteups, and more. Pederson is inspired by “the process, it’s euphoric, it’s the frenetic whirlwind of my process that is addictive, the excitement and joy of the process, and the surprise of what is made at the end”.