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1301 NW Grand Avenue
Phoenix, AZ, 85007
United States


Chartreuse is a contemporary art space on Historic Grand Avenue in Phoenix, AZ

We are open First and Third Fridays (6:00pm - 10:00pm)and the Saturdays after (noon - 5:00pm).

We are available anytime for private showings.


Fish Totem

Fish Totem

Joan Waters

FOUND OBJECTS of the mind

Nature is not only more complex than we think.

It is more complex than we can think.

—Frank Egler


I’m continually intrigued by nature’s infinite variety and complexity of form and color, and the possibility that many of her secrets have not yet been ‘discovered’ by humans. In a spirit of exploration, I work with welded steel, glazed ceramic, and burned and salvaged wood, in an open-ended process that is rooted in painting, drawing and observation. Not “found objects” in the usual sense—castoffs with a past life—these studio-made objects are results of this creative inquiry and look to the future. As these elements accumulate around my studio, I look to my imagination and subconscious to ‘find’ them and make them into finished sculptural objects.

A limited edition letterpress and linocut poster, a collaboration of the artist and Hazel & Violet, celebrates this exhibition.

Opening Reception - October 6, 2017 6-10

Third Friday Reception - October 20, 2017 6-10